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Charity Ghost Hunt at Dam House - Astley, Gtr Manchester
19th April 2013
Proceeds in aid of MND

Ghost Grapplers offer you the chance to investigate a 16th Century manor house,
which in its life time has also been a hospital.

Why not take this rare opportunity to explore this fascinating building with lots of activity, reports include a grey clad woman on the upper floors, footsteps around the house, patients reported seeing a grey lady on the wards shortly before a death would occur and the basement with such a horrifying history that it cannot be revealed here!

We will be accompanied by three psychics, we have various hi-tech and some low-tech equipment to help in the detection of paranormal activity, we will try to solve the reported mysterious goings on, attempt to find the identity of the mysterious grey lady and why they haunt this beautiful location, also, and perhaps most importantly, tea and coffee will be provided


The cost for the night is £25 per head, 8.30pm for a 9pm start.

Email: dave@ghostgrapplers.co.uk or barry@ghostgrapplers.co.uk for tickets
or phone 0771 234 7652 / 01942 892829

Website www.ghostgrapplers.co.uk


Charles Dickens London Tours and Walks

Starting in February 2012 and guided By Richard Jones. Expert and author of Walking Dickensian London.


Room 8 - a paranormal film by British makers

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