Odd Stuff

oddThese are just a few of the links I have found to websites dealing with the downright odd. Please bear with us whilst we build more pages. This website was only launched 21st Oct 2009.

Fortean Times
The World of Strange Phenomena - A great magazine and a brilliant website for all things "a little off the beaten track"
As it says on the cover, a website about weird stuff - some hilarious stuff on there.

Weird section of the UK paper metro

The Paranormal Shop
A shop selling paranormal DVD's books and other stuff

Covers the whole range of everything paranormal. Very interesting site.

Trailer Ghost
Yes a website dedicated to haunted mobile homes in the USA. A light-hearted website that made me smile a lot - especially the "Warning Signs" page.

Haunted Vehicles
As the headline on their website states "Not only homes are haunted anymore" - a website dedicated to spooky sports cars and haunted hotrods!

ARK 666Y
A website similar in type to the one above. The story of a haunted Ford Capri.

A website that deals in a broad spectrum of all things paranormal