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UK Locations

BBC Cambridgeshire
That's right - Auntie Beeb has a ghost! - they even have a webcam. See if you can spot the spirits!

50 Berkeley Square, London
Allegedly the most haunted house in London with a chilling reputation.

Blickling Hall, Norfolk
A fascinating place where the ghost of Anne Boleyn is reputed to haunt.

Borley Rectory
Borley Rectory was a Victorian era mansion located in the village of Borley, Essex. It was constructed in 1863, on the site of a previous rectory, and destroyed by fire in 1939. Investigated by the famous Harry Price in 1937 who described it as "The Most Haunted House in England".

Essex Witch Trials
Very interesting and studious site. Great for historians and interested parties alike.

Ghosts on the London Underground
Mind the gap! (between this world and the next?) - a list of haunted tube stations.

Haunted Britain
A website by the author and renowned ghost book writer Richard Jones.

Haunted places in London
Some excellent London ghost walks

Haunted Places in the UK
As it says on the label - a database of haunted locations in the UK.

Haunted Hotels
An excellent site listing haunted hotel rooms for you to visit.

Inveraray Jail
Now a tourist attraction offering regular ghost hunting nights.

Jamaica Inn
An old smugglers retreat in Cornwall reported to be haunted.

Kirkstone Pass Inn
The building dates back to 1496. A beautiful and tranquil place. NB They cannot cater for ghost hunting parties but welcome individual visitors wishing to experience the atmosphere.

Llancaiach Fawr Manor
I won't even try and pronounce it for fear of incurring the wrath of the Welsh speaking nation - Interesting website with it's own ghost cam.

Margam Castle
Ghost Hunters international flew in to investigate this charming, Welsh castle.

Muncaster Castle
Muncaster is one of Britain's most haunted castles. Many tales revolve around Tom Fool, a powerful force at Muncaster.

Nothe Fort
Located at the entrance of Weymouth Harbour, the Fort is a labyrinth of underground passageways and outdoor area - and is apparently haunted.

Ordsall Hall, Salford
Why not log on to their Ghost Cam and see if you can spot the resident ghost.

The heritage of the Orkney Islands - their "Ghosts and Restless Spirits" pages

Paranormal Database
A cornucopia of all things paranormal county by county.

Plas Teg
A restored 17th century mansion in Mold, Wales

Pluckley - Englands most haunted village
A few haunted locations in and around Pluckley

R.A.F. Holmpton
Preserved R.A.F. station near Hull. They offer ghost hunts to book a party yourself or book via companies.

Rufford Old Hall
Haunted by Elizabeth Hesketh, who became ill while her husband was at war overseas. She vowed she would not leave this world without saying goodbye to her dear husband, who never returned.

Skirrid Mountain Inn
The Skirrid Mountain Inn is located on the eastern edge of the Brecon Beacons. A haunted Inn investigated by Most Haunted.

Stanley Palace
Stanley Palace is a unique Tudor building in the center of the City of Chester. Reputed to be Chesters most haunted building.

The Ancient Ram Inn
Built in around 1145 over a 5000 year old pagan burial ground, The Ancient Ram Inn is the oldest building in Wotton-Under-Edge.

The Hellfire Club
No, not the caves, it's in Manchester and is "a new concept in dining and celebration that dares to challenge the future of eating out and having the time of your (after) life" - as their website says.

The Pendle Witches
The story of the Pendle witches and The Lancahire Witch Trial.

The Red Lion
Situated on the High St in Southampton. Reputedly haunted by up to 20 different ghosts.

Tutbury Castle
Lesley Smith is the curator of Tutbury. Of Most Haunted fame.

Woodchester Mansion
Investigated by Most Haunted and several other paranormal shows. Woodchester Mansion is on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment, 15 miles south of Gloucester and 25 miles north of Bristol.






USA Locations

Ghost Haunts
Interesting website with articles from all over the world

Haunted Places Directory
A USA based haunted locations directory.

Australian Locations

Paranormal Australia
A whole heap of paranormalia (if there is such a word) in Australia

Haunted Australia
A list of all things paranormal

Monte Cristo Homestead
A haunted house in Australia. Runs regular ghost nights.


Canadian Locations

Haunted Hamilton
Established in 1999 and is one of the oldest websites on the paranormal in Canada.



List of reportedly haunted locations
A very useful list on Wikipedia - Listed country by country.