Ghost Hunting Equipment

No self respecting ghost hunter would set forth without a bit of ghost hunting or paranormal investigation equipment. It's like going fishing without a fishing rod!

I have listed a few pieces of equipment most paranormal investigators use when on a ghost hunt. The most important being the one they always forget (well I seem to) - a torch (or flashlight for our American readers)

There may well be other pieces of ghost hunting equipment that I have missed, but if I think of them I will certainly add them.


A Torch / Flashlight
As mentioned above - it really is no use fumbling around in the dark without the stand-by of a good torch. Added to this it is dangerous. You can trip over, or fall down all sorts of hazards. Added to this you will need one to set up and position your gear. An essential piece of ghost hunting equipment.

This may sound obvious, but if you are carrying around a case full of electronic gizmos then you will use up a few batteries. ALWAYS CARRY SPARES. It has also been reported that paranormal entities (or ghosts to me and you) can actually drain the power from your batteries. Whether this is true or not is open to discussion, but it doesn't hurt to carry a few extra batteries.

"I have just seen a shadow walk past the doorway and for the log the time is.....erm?" - yes, that's right, take a watch so you can log when things happen.

Night Vision Equipment
This is a bit expensive but really does add to the whole experience. These come in different generations (or gen as they call it) Gen 1 being the cheapest right up to Gen 3 (obviously the dearest).
No night vision equipment can function in total darkness. It amplifies dim light and makes everything brighter and clearer. When you look through one of these scopes everything is bright green but clear and distinguishable. For total darkness most scopes come with a built in infra-red light (the beam is invisible to the naked eye) but it provides illumination to allow the scope to function. If they don't come with a built in light then see below.

Infra Red Lights/Flashlights
As mentioned above, these emit an infra-red beam of light that is invisible to the naked eye but lights up the background for any night vision ghost hunting equipment you may be using.

A camera (or two) is a must. Most people now use digital cameras. These are particularly good at capturing orbs. These are said to be small balls of light that appear on pictures taken with a digital camera that are the first sign of a manifestation of a ghost . They could also be said to be just dust particles - the choice is yours as to which you believe.
Taking a few random pictures with a flash in dark rooms can always throw up a few unexpected results - what have you to lose?

Sound Recording Equipment
Most investigators carry a small digital voice recorder. The idea behind this is that the ghost hunter can ask questions of any entities that are present in the room to initiate an EVP response. (EVP = Electronic Voice Phenomenon)
These responses are usually undetected by the human ear but appear on these recordings when played back.

Mobile Phone
Most of us have a mobile phone these days. If you are in a group of people who have all split up and are scattered throughout a building, it is always a good idea to be able to keep in touch with the other members (or the emergency services) in case of any mishap.

See above - same reasons

Motion Detectors
Usually these come in pairs. You can position them so that they shine an invisible infra-red beam across a room or doorway. When this beam is broken then an alarm is activated. Very useful items of ghost hunting equipment.

EMF Meter
An EMF meter is a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields. Apparently a high EMF reading can impact on the senses and cause all kinds of things such as spooky feelings and even hallucinations - so it is great for "debunking" supposed spooky areas. On the other hand when a spirit is supposedly near it can apparently cause a spike in an EMF meter reading.

K2 EMF Meter
A new piece of ghost hunting equipment on the scene. Similar to above but has a display of small lights that light up when the magnetic field changes. It has been said that they can be used to get yes/no answers from entities when questions are asked and the lights are subsequently activated.

Infrared Thermometer (Lazer Thermometer)
This is a handy piece of equipment. It projects a lazer beam and can measure the temperature of a room simply by pointing it in different areas. Great for detecting cold spots which are supposedly created when spirits are trying to materialise.

Franks Box
A controversial new tool within the paranormal field. It is a radio with it's tuning swept across the entire band, AM, FM, or shortwave. This sounds like when you quickly turn the tuning dial on a radio and you get all the garbled and jumbled up words. It is claimed that audible responses can be obtained to questions that are asked. A bit like a telephone to the dead! - make up your own mind as to how true this is.

Thermal Imaging Equipment
These are good for seeing anomalous cold or hot spots invisible to the naked eye. Still horrendously expensive though.

Talcum Powder/ Flour etc
Good for sprinkling around an area to detect any footprints or marks (ghostly or real) - but remember to clear up your mess afterwards.

Dowsing Rods
These are not only used for detecting underground water, but can be used to detect ghostly activity (apparently)

First Aid Kit
Yes, you will be blundering around in semi or total darkness. Chances are accidents can happen!

Thermos Flask, Extra Clothing & Refreshments
Yep - it can be a long, cold and thirsty night.

An Open Mind
The most important thing of all to take along!